MasyaAllah this is soo true!

This has always linger in my mind.. it’s true.. the more you cover up, the more you will get the respect…even from strangers.

Even the guy at the toll gate and some male cashier will try hard not to touch your hand when handing the change.

You can walk w ease of your mind and heart because there’s no eyes looking.

I always said 1 thing. Don’t blame guys for looking, blame our self for not covering.

So my dear sisters, let’s work towards covering our aurat perfectly. One step at a time. Me my self still struggling..

I love how Sister Yasmin Mogahed once said, a good litmus test to see do we properly cover our aurat is before we go out, look at the mirror and ask our self “Can I pray in this outfit?”

But there’s one thing that we should always remember;

I just love how a friend always remind me, as much as we try to covering the aurat perfectly, it should run concurrently with perfecting the akhlak, the manners.

Biar cantik luar dan dalam.



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