2012 started with a hope.

Beautiful hope.

So beautiful that although it’s far away from reality but still, it seems real.

But oh boy beautiful hope didn’t turn out how I wish it to be but how amazing, it ended beautifully also. At least for me.

At that point, for a while, i’m like, ookayy, so what’s in for me this year?

Actual plan is to get married and find a better job.

4 months has passed by and guess what? I’m counting days to celebrate my 3rd year with the company, stop sending out resumes and still very much don’t have any idea where’s the prince charming is. Haha!

How things has turn 180 degree kan?

Or 360 should I say.


Surprise after surprise never seems to stop.

Allah hu Rabbi.

All praise to Allah!

It’s like Allah is saying, ok I know thats your plan but let put that on hold for a while because I have something better for you now.

Like seriously.

I got to be in the projects that I always wanted to do.

Dreamy dreams started to step into reality world bit by bit.

All praise to Allah, I got to chance to visit places that I NEVER plan to visit this year.

Helps comes when I needed it the most.

And actually receive another unexpected good news today.

Ya Allah. Ya Allah.

Each of the occasion may look insignificant to others but oh boy did they know how that tiny little things mean so much to me. Like so much that sometimes during a meeting I seriously feel like smilling all alone because it’s something I wanted to do so much!

And I’m so so grateful it happened now, not 3 years ago, not when I’m not ready.

Allah just know the perfect timing.

With that, seriously, I’m so very excited of what the rest of the year has got to offer.

And I pray that Allah will make ease the journey, grant me the patience and strength and guide me so I won’t slip.


All praise to Allah.


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