That ‘lil Bundle of Joy

Even before she got married, Along always wanted a baby. She love kids so very much.

So when she happily married 4 years ago, all she looked forward to is to get pregnant. Trial after trial, numerous check-ups and treatments, still no avail.

She get frustrated at times, of course. But mak always told her, it’s God’s plan. She’s a weekend wife ever since she got married and still is. And that time brother in law is struggling w his current job. And their newly bought house is still in construction.

3 years has passed. Brother in law nail a better job. Along transferred to a new school, closer to their new home and the husband. And the next day after she finally moved all her things into the new home, she got the news that there’s something cooking inside.

SubhanaAllah. How amazing is that?

We could think of 1001 possible reason and causes but truth is, Allah just know when is the right time.

Trust Him. He’s planning the best for all His servant.


And to wake up to this lil munckin, totally worth everything!


Too sweet to be called Cekodok.



And to my dear Aadheen Ayra, welcome sayang. May you grow up w beautiful manners as beauty as how you looked.. and be as witty as Aishah r.a, as smart as Siti Khadijah and as brave as Sumaiyah..


2 thoughts on “That ‘lil Bundle of Joy

  1. Agree that Allah always plan the best for us. ko nak taw x? once aku pindah rumah, terus dapat tahu pasal pregnant! same mcm along 🙂

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