Don’t Despair

All praise to Allah.

Alhamdulillah. Was given a chance to attend a forum by 3 amazing speakers, Imam Muda Ashraf, Ustaz Syed Mohd Nor Hisyam and Syam Kamikaze.

Apart from being Ustaz Syed no. 1 #fangirl (Heheee) the whole forum was awesome! The topic is about Suci Dalam Debu. It’s very interesting. It’s about what we face everyday, what we struggle everyday. It’s about how we sin and how we should always come back to Allah, again and again.

So I thought, let’s share!


The forum starts with Ustaz Syed describing 3 stages of situation that we should aware of as a human in living our daily life. There are:

  1. We don’t feel guilty whenever we sin.
  2. We’re proud of our sin.
  3. We encourage people or so-called asking people to commit such sin (Nauzubillah!)

We’re just human. We sin every single day. We just can’t avoid it. It happens. But what makes the difference is what we feel towards the sin and our action upon it. Do we ask forgiveness and feel regret or we just continue living and act like everything is in order?

Which will bring us to the first type of people. We don’t feel guilty anymore. And the dangerous part is, without we realizing it could gradually lead us to the 2nd category and worst the 3rd category.

The topic just remind me of this video of Brother Nouman Ali Khan of the shaitan trick towards us every time we sin. Shaitan will make us lose hope, and run away from Allah. Where what we should do actually is the more we sin, the more we approach Allah s.w.t asking for His forgiveness. We should never despair Allah’s mercy.



There’s this one hadith that I found in Solusi magazine about Allah’s mercy.

Daripada Abu Sa’id al-Khudri bahawa ia mendengar Rasulullah s.a.w bersabda yang bermaksud : “Iblis berkata kepada Tuhannya: ‘Demi keperkasaan-Mu, aku akan selalu menyesatkan anak keturunan Adam selama roh masih berada dalam jasad mereka.’ Allah s.w.t menjawab: ‘Demi keperkasaan-Ku dan keagungan-Ku, Aku akan selalu mengampuni mereka selagi mana mereka meminta keampunan daripada-Ku” (Riwayat Ahmad)


Come one people, how sweet is that?

It’s the Master of universe saying that no matter how screw up we are, He will forgive us. As long as we’re sincere and really put on 100% effort to improve ourself. Allah understand our struggles. Talk to Him.

And also. What attract me during the forum is when Sham shared his experience and say that how we should always be careful of what we do in this life because sometime tanpa kita sedar, kita dah menggalak kan orang supaya membuat maksiat.

I mean yeah it’s not going to be like ‘Ehhh jum lah ikut aku pergi buat maksiat’ @_@. No, of course not. Sakit otak pun takkan cakap macam tu. But sometimes its our action that make people commit such sin. In his case, the example that he gave is how he saw with his own eyes people not performing prayer for the sake of attending the concert where he’s the music director. You get what I mean. So yeah, kadang-kadang kita terlepas pandang. That’s why in this life we can’t just walk blantly. That’s why Allah provide us with the ultimate GPS, Al-Quran and Sunnah and one amazing role model, Rasulullah s.a.w.. Nak pergi kenduri kawin pun ada peta. What makes we think we can lead our life without any navigation?

So the point is, and basically what they conclude is, yes we sin everyday. Setiap hari hati kita akan berdebu. But never let the dust turn into something that permenantly dirt our heart.. Just…come back to Allah and never lose hope. And try to improve our self, every single day. Biar sikit, biar kecil langkah nya tapi kita bergerak. Istiqamah, stay strong and hang on. It”s not going to be easy but remember, Allah is there to help. Allah is always there.

Hidayah itu milik Allah tapi kita sebagai hamba perlu sentiasa berharap dan berdoa supaya kita tergolong dengan orang-orang yang Allah sentiasa berikan hidayah..

I;m sorry if all those that I write a bit jumble up. I’m just trying to share what I learned tonight because Allah knows how the forum has benefits me. May Allah bless every soul that worked on the programme..

and may Allah bless us, forgives us and always have mercy on us, insyaAllah.




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