Now is the time, dear sisters. :)


I had a conversation with a friend sometime ago on the husband criteria thingy.

I told him, all I want for a husband is someone who can always guide me to the straight path. Who will alert me whenever I put on tighter cloth than usual. When that particular day my hijab is shorter. When I started to delay my prayer. You get the picture. Someone who will always be there to make sure your path is right and straight.

Then he said something that hit me straight to my face.

Why wait for the husband? Why can’t you do it all by yourself?

That, just makes me go ‘ya hooorrrr’

I know you girls get the picture. Not that we can’t do it ourselves. We can insyaAllah but it’s just wonderful to have someone who be there for us. Attention seeker macam tu lah kan. 😛

But yeah he have his point. It’s true. I’m talking here in the situation where:

Alah, dah kawin nanti buat lah.  Sebab tu I nak suami macam Ustaz Don. Supaya dia boleh didik iiiii

Yes allll of us want that kind of husband.

But why wait?

What if we get married and it turn out he’s not so Ustaz Don? So now what? What happen to our fairy tale waking up for tahajud w the hubby as the imam…and all that?

You see, lelaki dan wanita ada hak nya di dalam islam. Men just don’t try to be woman and vise versa. Just don’t. Tapi lelaki dan wanita juga ada persamaan nya.


In the eyes of Allah s.w.t. There’s no such thing as guys’ prayer reach Allah faster then the sisters’.

Allah has said this in Surah An-Nisa’ (4:124)

And  whoever  does  righteous  deeds,  whether  male  or  female,  while  being  a  believer  – those  will  enter  Paradise  and  will  not  be  wronged,  [even  as  much  as]  the  speck  on  a date  seed.

Also in Surah An-Nisa’ (4:32)

And  do  not  wish  for  that  by  which Allah has  made  some  of  you  exceed  others.  For  men is  a  share  of  what  they  have  earned,  and  for  women  is  a  share  of  what  they  have earned.  And  ask Allah of  his  bounty.  Indeed Allah is  ever,  of  all  things,  Knowing.

Yes we have our own right and limits but when it comes to the relationship with Allah, it’s the same.

What I’m saying is, we should work as hard in obtaining Allah’s love and mercy..

Islam teach us to be dependent only to Allah. Only to Allah. Don’t say we’re independent. We are just did not depend on the creature up to the extend we can’t walk by our self. But we depend on Allah. Alone.

With that, insyaAllah, we will become much stronger and calmer.

I know it’s wonderful to see married couple that really lead their life based on the quran and sunnah. It’s just too sweet. But to initiate that, is our self.

We are responsible of our own deed. Not our parents, not our spouse.

You see how beautiful islam is? It teach us to be responsible. And seek nothing, but Allah’s bless.

Oh yes it’s not easy.

It is NOT easy. Really.

To change is not easy. It’s everyday battle. Every single day you have to whisper to yourself, to hang on, to stay focus, to keep the consistency, to not slip and fall out.

But that’s the beauty. The more we feel scared, the more we seek Allah.

So now before going out, instead of checking whether our outfit actually color coordinated or not, we will have a glance at the mirror and check, whether Allah will be please with I’m wearing right now in order to face the world. We don’t need husband or any guy to tell you that. We can do it our self.

The point is, it have to start within our self.. Start slowly but keep going.. Oh well I’m actually saying this to my self. I know I slipped every single day but masyaAllah, setiap kali pun, Allah’s help is there. You just know it.

That’s why I said, it’s not easy but the battle is worth it.

Just remember 1 thing, Jannah.

Strive for Jannah.

Because the beauty in this world is nothing. Nothing compared to Jannah.

And ALSO remember, the most painful thing in this world is also nothing, compared to Jahannam, nauzubillah.


Just remember that and InsyaAllah, we will find the strength.


May Allah protect us, our family and our friends from the hellfire, may Allah keep all of us on the straight path, may Allah forgives our sin and may Allah put His mercy and love to us, insyaAllah.


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