Bangkok 101 (?)


No word could describe how grateful I am for the time, money, chances and energy granted by Allah s.w.t allowing me to spend few days at Bangkok w Mia.

It was such a great gateway. It’s not really the place. Yeah Bangkok is nice. But it’s the experience that counts.

It’s true what they say, it’s not where you are. It’s who you are with. Being there w Mia makes things much better. It’s good to go out and see things out side of the normal daily routine. Its good to go out and see other muslim’s struggle.

It’s really an eye opener. Every single thing that happen, it will just remind me of how fortunate and lucky that I’m born as a muslim. That, is just the biggest gift of all.

One thing that I have learn is how special Allah protect the woman. Why Allah ask us to guard our modesty, to put on hijab, to cover ups. That is all solely to protect the woman. SubhanaAllah. Walking on the street with all the strangers, almost clueless and at the place where woman are oppressed and manipulated, you have no idea how safe it feels walking and knowing that people know you’re a muslim woman. Some may see it as just a piece of cloth on the head but that what makes the difference.

The respect, the concerns that they have. MasyaAllah. Made me feels so special. Allah wants us to feel special. So let us at least our very best not to abuse it.. After all… Aurat itu hak Allah..

Never be ashamed of what God ask us to guard, to protect. Be proud of it. Be proud that we’re muslim woman. Be proud of what Allah ask us to do.

May His guidance are always w us, our friends and family. May we always stay strong in facing each battle in our daily lives. May He forgives our sin and always guard us so we’re always on His path, insyaAllah..


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