Let’s go random as there’s so many things wondering in my mind now.

1. Semalam dengar Dato’ Dr Fadzilah Kamsah berbincang tentang Kahwin Lewat. Dia pesan, bila berdoa, never set the boundaries. Keep it open and general. Means, doa ‘Ya Allah ya Tuhanku, kurnia kan aku jodoh yang soleh/solehah’ instead of ‘Ya Allah ya Tuhanku, jodohkan aku dengan (fill in crush’s name here)’ I believe the key is have faith dan yakin dengan janji Allah.

2. Limits and boundaries are good. If you don’t wanna get carried away, don’t start at the first place.

3. You know some people said ‘Just Do It!’ (Ok that some people is actually Nike’s CEO hihi) but I think it’s good to have the 5W1H check list before we ‘GO!’. Just to ensure that u’re going to the right place, because of the right reason, in a right way, with the right person and on the right time. After all it’s good to do things right first time instead of rectifying it later as they say prevention is better than cure, no?

4. Something got me thinking about all this hurts and frustration thingy. The person that hurt us is one thing, we let them hurting us is another. I think its no harm to put on some guards just to ensure, this heart is protected. Because some people they just took away our heart and didn’t notice the huge ‘FRAGILE. HANDLE WITH CARE’ sticker pasted all over it. So let’s bubble wrap our heart and only let the right person to unwrap it.


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