Just Ask!

Ilmu, amal, iman.

I once heard on Tanyalah Ustaz that all those 3 things should come hand in hand. Untuk menjadi manusia beriman, one have to beramal and to beramal, one need to have ilmu.

There’s no any other way. Which explain why we need to learn. Never stop learning anything that will benefits us here in this world and hereafter. I went to a talk by Imam Suhaib Web the other day and he said there is nothing wrong with chasing all the things in this world, as long as we keep our mind guided and focus that the reason why we live is the hereafter, and to get Allah’s bless.

Everything in this world is means, not objective. Its a mean for us to achieve our objective, the hereafter. Go on drive a Ferrari and at the same time never stop doing all the good deeds. Go crazy with your work as long as we keep our feet rooted and always on the right path, as what Allah told us to do.

I find the (so-called) theory above is so well related with the concept of:


It is well acknowledged that we should always pray, and ask from The Almighty anything that we want and what we wish for. But we have to remember, all those thing should come with usaha. We need to put all the efforts that we can, then only we sit and pray.

Once I had a conversation with a friend regarding our career journey. How we should move forward, are we taking the right step, are we making the right move, are we wasting our time or we actually ahead now. You know, all those questions.

It’s all because I’m still living in my crazy at-least-15-hours-a-day working life and she,Alhamdulillah, is in better place now. She said I should move on. I said I want to stay because I see the light though it’s still far away. But I want to wait.

Which eventually lead us to all the quotes that I think could be used to lift up back all the spirit that has lost between piles of papers in front of me.

Then she said, it’s funny how contradict all these quotes can be. Some people said;

Miracle is always happen for those who believe.

Which in my case, I’m waiting for the miracle to happen yang tak tahu bila nak muncul tu. But I have the faith.

But then ada juga orang cakap;

To think out of the box, you need to be out from the box.

Then I said;

Grass is always greener on the other side because we forget to look down and realize that our grass is actually made of gold.

To which she replied;

Tapi macam mana nak tau the actual condition of the other side of the field kalau tak pernah pergi?

And we come to a point where what if this not the way? What if I’m wasting my time here and all other what ifs and worries that we could ever think of. 

Then she was like ‘habis mana satu nak ikut ni!?’ and we come to a conclusion that hmmm kena lah ikut kesesuaian dan situasi. That’s one thing.

But then it occurs to me.

Hey, kan ada konsep usaha, tawakal dan redha.

We want something, we work for it, we pray and if things didn’t turn out how we want it to be, we need to redha. Percaya pada qada’ dan qadar, remember?

At least we have tried! There’s no such thing as rugi as long as you work hard for it! There’s always something that you could learn along the way, that you might not be able to learn somewhere else. So things doesn’t work, it’s ok. We move on. It might not easy and of course there’s frustration but the key now is, we worked for it!

As long as we adhere to it, the frustration won’t be that severe.

Rugi is only when you WAIT for miracle to happen. And do nothing. Lepas tu pray for miracle.



It’s like you come to the office, do nothing and ask for extra salary. Then sit there and wishing you will get 8 months bonus and at the same time browsing Facebook. Imagine you’re a boss and you have a staff like that. Pengsan, I know.

But lemme tell you, Allah is super generous. Maha penyayang. If we worked real hard for it, sabar, have faith, He will grant what ever we asked for. In fact He will give MORE than what we asked for. He knows… He knows what lies inside our heart.

These explain what I want to say, JUST ASK! Yes, ask what we want, work real hard for it, pray and wait for miracle to happen.


You will be surprised.


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