The 9th Month

When 2011 started, I didn’t really put on much hope in it. I just ended the relationship that I thought would be it, dad’s health started to deteriorate and some other thing that made me nervous to go through the year.


As cliche as it sound, time really flies and next thing I know it’s already September!


And little did I realized that quite a load of good things actually happen this year. I got to do things that always in my mind but never had the guts to do it, there are surprises that I never thought I will get it, there are feelings that I never imagine that I could ever be in it…and so many other things.


It’s the 9th month and I couldn’t be more grateful and thankful for what Allah has granted me, and my family..


I,personally will always remember this year for what it has done to my self.. The path that is finally shown, the calmness that I finally found and the chance that is granted for me to rectify all the damage that has been done for the past 2 over decades… Which I am ashamed of and pray that it could be forgiven…

Just one thing that I want, and will always ask from Allah, is for this feeling to always stay.. For the life of my family, my friends and I will always be guided and we will always be in the right path..


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