The power of love..

I had a HUGE crush with Tiz Zaqyah that I just HAVE to watch Nur Kasih The Movie at cinema. People will go like ‘alar nanti mesti keluar Astro First’ Oh nooo. I secretly wish that this movie doesn’t go out on Astro First because all of us know what it means if it does.

Oh well to cut the story short, I manage to watch it yesterday!


Dan keluar wayang dengan sakit kepala sebab tak pernah pulak tengok wayang sampai 3-4 kali menangis. There are loads of sad scenes sampai aku pun pening kepala dan tak berhenti frowning but throughout the whole movie, I keep thinking of this one thing. Hebat nya kuasa cinta, dan, does it still exist?

Hebatnya kuasa cinta Adam pada Nur Amina sampai sanggup meredah ribut padang pasir. Yes, hebat. But lemme tell all of you guys out there, showing your love does not necessarily be that way. Tak payahhh, tak payah redah letupan gunung berapi ke apa nak tunjuk cinta sejati.

Cukup dengan be a man, show your responsibilities and be a great family man. Kalau nak berkorban, korbankan masa yang sepatutnya pergi ber suka ria dengan kawan2 and instead spend your time dengan anak and isteri. Kalau nak tunjuk cinta sejati, show it with your guidance to the right path and way so that the family will gain Allah’s bless.

Kalau nak jadi macho, jadi lah dengan imam kan solat ahli keluarga. Kalau nak jadi wise man, show it with making the right decision with all the consideration dan bukan penting kan kepentingan sendiri je.

It is never easy to be a man. Afterall that’s the whole reason why a wife have to obey her husband. Even more than her mother, who gave birth.

Just….be a man. That is all we need. At least, that is all I need.


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