Make It Easy

I realized recently that one of the thing that I always asked from Allah since I can’t remember when is to have an easy life. I always asked that.

Few weeks ago, somebody gave me a hint of how much I will receive my increament this year. They haven’t made it official yet, but I roughly know how much mine will be. And few days ago I heard of few conversations of how the other colleague wonder, will there be increament this year, will there be bonus because they havn’t announce anything yet, officially. All of sudden I stood there, and realized, when most of them wonder will there be increament or not, I already know how much I’ll be getting. It hit me hard because when I first receive the news I’m not happy and complain that I deserve more. And I feel so guilty after that for not being grateful for what Allah has gave me. Bosses are just some kind of perantara. The money, is from Allah.

From there, as I recap what has happen to me all these years one by one, I realize, Allah has actually made it easier for me.

I always get what I want. What I secretly want, things that I didn’t tell anyone how bad I want them, it always end up I got it.

There’s this time, I was 16, just started for 4 and can’t stand any minute in that school. I just want to move out. So I applied for a technical school. Apart from there’s no course that suits me in the current school where I’m in, I just want to move out due to other reasons also. And I got in..

Then when I finish school. I was 18 and not really sure what I want to be. But all I know is, I want to start working early which is mean, I don’t want to spend too many years in uni. So, although I’m considering matriculation and diploma at that time, deeeeeep inside my heart, I want to do matriculation. And I got in. And it’s only at Tangkak, soooo near with my house. Which is also what I want. Hehe budak mengada memang macam tu.

When I finish matrics, I’m still clueless of what kind of job I’m gonna do for the next 3 years. So all I know is, I want a 3 years course, tak jauh and of course lah what I have interest it. Kalau bagi aku 3 tahun, sebelah rumah, tapi medic pun harammmmmm lah mak taknakkk. Tak sanggupppppp. Eiii scaryy. Cewah, scary konon. Macam lah layak amik medic punnnn. Heehehehe. So yeah, I applied for QS at UiTM Shah Alam because the only place that offered degree in QS is UiTM Shah Alam ONLY. Heeeee. And also yeah I actually have interest in QS and that is where my passion is, until now. Sooo yeah, I got in.


You see, it’s all soooo easy. No drama what so ever. What I want, that’s what I get. Oh God so bersyukur!

So after I finish my degree, as much as I love staying at home lazying around, I kinda desperately need a job. I need money. There are issues that time that need me to start working pronto. So after a week bermalas2 (masihhhhh jugak tu), I started applied for jobs. I apply few through internet and it didn’t work out. Then one day, decided to try newspaper. It’s on Tuesday I still remember it. Saw this one advertisement, sent a hopefull email and few hours later, got a call for interview on the next day it self. I was thrilled and nervous since it’s my first interview!

So I went to the interview and spent 20 minutes listening to my boss braging about how gooood this company is as if it’s multinational company or something. Haha. Padahaaaallll, office dekat shop lot je. -______-” Buttt, buutttt, I’m actually sold. When I stepped out of the room, I’m like, ‘Damnnn I want this job!!! BADLY!’ It look so interesting and okay, let me just confess. I want the job because I’m amazed of the interviewer, which is the boss laaa. Boleh? I’m like, this guy is soooo cool I wanna work hereeee! OMG pls lah he don’t read this. Hihi.

And yeah.. the next day, I got a call say that I’m accepted and I actually started working on the next Monday!

So, you see. How Allah has actually made my life easier without me realizing it and yet, still complains and what’s worst, rarely made an effort to be a good servant.. That is what happen in life… we’re just too busy looking at what we don’t have rather than what we already have…

I just want to be a better person. A good servant which I shamelessly have to admit I am not, now… But I’m tying. Each day, I try to be a good servant, good daughther, good worker, good sister and a good friend…

Let’s just pray I’ll keep my feet rooted and the hidayah, is always with me…

You know, they say Allah test us in two ways. By giving us the luxury of everything that we can think of and by giving us hardship..

And the test of having all the luxury in the world is actually harder that hardship… because when we face problems, we will start to look for him.. But when we’re fine, we tend to forget him..

I’m not trying to preech or anything I hope you guys don’t get me wrong.. I treat this blog as a medium for me to convey what’s inside mymind and even my heart… It is as a reminder for my self also, that how I should be grateful of what I have now because seriously, Allah can take back anything from us, anytime..

Been there, done that..


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