Day 17 – How I hope my future will be like.

Just like any other girls,


..all I want is rich & handsome husband.



Haha yeee lahhh cik Pelah oi.


All I want for my future is a shelter, food on my plate, love and care from all the people that I love and care, extra love and care from the person that I will give extra love and care to and for my siblings not fighting over land titles.


..and also, most importantly, guidance and care from The Almighty no matter how my future will be like.


Kalau aku susah, biar diberikan kekuatan to face it. Kalau aku senang, biar aku sentiasa di ingatkan supaya tak lalai dan bongkak.


Because without that, aku yang suka merewang ni, tatau macam mana halanya nanti.


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