Pretty Baby

I wannttttt

Cantik laaa. Naak. Lagi pun henbeg I dah koyak koyak sampai Mia marah bila malas nak beli henbeg dan dengan selambe nya mengutuk

‘ko tengok, henbeg ko ni dah koyak2!! beli la baru!’


Wah wah kauu. Nak belanja ke?

Anyway the other day I browsed KL Premium Outlet, saja cuti2 mata. I cuti mata dekat situ je you olls, murah. Kedekut katanya. Then I found Vera Wang’s handbag and suprised with the price range! They’re not leather but for the name, the price is quite affordable!

Meh, kita cuti mata sama2 ye.

Cantik kan ni? Feeling2 datin, gituu.
Sama but I love love the tan color!!
I.Love.This!! Tapi kalau kasi aku yang pakai, memang 3 hari dah putus2 bunga2 dia
Ni pun cantik, kan? hihi

All pictures are courtesy of KL Premium Outlet and you can click on the pictures to go the blog and see the price for your self. See, I make it all easier for you! 😛

But still, I want that DKNY tote!! 

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