Day 12 – My current relationship, if single discuss how single life is.

Hmm. Apahal tajuk macam soalan SPM nih? Relax la bang. Serious pulak. Sheeshh.

Hehe. Emo pulak kan tetiba.

Yeah as you read previously I’m single and making the best out of it.

How single life is? Macam biasa je. Takde beza pun. Ceececehhh ayat orang denial kannnn.

Ok lah mari serious.


It’s part and parcel of life lah. It’s like any other thing we have to face in life. It’s like buying a wrong pair of shoes for a very important interview that looks so nice but it so uncomfortable but since you have to wear it, you just make the best use of it.


Mungkin takde orang nak sms kalau tiba² terjaga malam² ke kan tapi juga it mean I have less commitment, for now. At least now after works, the choices of who to meet has reduce dan takdelah pening sangat lagi nak susun turn. Dan juga apabila hari Sabtu, lepas dah selesai perkara dirumah and when everybody at home starts bergolek di depan TV, takde lagi pertimbangan ‘nak pergi office tapi dah lama tak dating’. I can straight away go to office.

You get what I mean. I just live the life as it is because I believe when the time come, it’ll come. I’m not sure whether people around me are getting this or not but actually I am fine like this, for now. I know what I want and Allah knows what I want so He give me what I actually need.

Allah knows better and I’m so grateful for everything that has happened.

Cuma actually satu je lah aku risau. Kalau bateri kereta mati malam2, macam mana?! Dah lah memang kegiatan masa lapang ialah lupa tutup lampu kereta. Haih. Ni yang susah nih.

macam mana?


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