The Sweetest Bride

Ana and the King. Eh, Ana and I.

 That’s Ana and we took this picture *tekan calculator* 7 years ago. It was our Annual Dinner and we were 17 that time. I can still remember vividly how everybody go gaga over her looks and most of them will said;

Ana cantiknya!!! Macam nak kawin!


Well this is scanned picture but trust me she is really pretty that night! One of the reasons also is because selalunya tengok pakai t-shirt kembang je kan.. tetiba malam tu pakai eye liner selendang segala. Hehe ampun Ana!

Ok but thats not the point. The point is the blue shawl. I believed most of the people that threw her all the compliments is because she look so nice with that blue shawl dan pada zaman 2004 itu adalah sangat in okay! Hehehe.

I attended her wedding last week [gila, kawan cicah milo aku dah kawin. I almost cried!] and once I saw her I was like ‘OMG Ana!!!’ and this is the reason why,

She's actually slimmer, kan? and I on the other hand is..hmm..nevermind


Her looks on her big day automatically triggered the memory! Like, ni kebetulan ke atau Ana memang dah bertekad nak pakai macam tu sejak dipuji 7 tahun dulu?!


She look so pretty, kan? I just can’t stop smiling seeing her all smile and happy hugging her husband and greeting guest..

There’s this indescribable feeling creeps into my heart, seing a very dear friend of mine looking all so preety and so happy with the man of her life.

May you have ALL the bless in this world, makcik!


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