Day 10 – A photo of my favorite place to eat


A photo?!??

After a leghthy post of my wedding dream that contain 1000 photos of food (and not even a single photo of wedding items), you asked me to only put ONE photo of my favourite place to eat?

Man, this is mean!

*thinking hard*

Oh God this is hard.

*think harder*


Okay okay I choose one. Since you only allow me to choose one so I choooseeeee….

STATION 21!!!!!!!!!!


It’s located at Bangsar Food Court next to bangsar Village behind Masjid Abu Bakar, Bangsar. Alah you guys know where lah.

Oh God, the lamb chop I tell youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, heaven!!!!! Like seriously, when you had lamb chop here, your par will go up to the sky and it’ll be so hard finding a match. With a fraction of price, you could get lamb chop way way way better than TGIF’s and Chilli’s.

The portion is big, the sauce is phenomenal.

The Lamb Chop


They sell mainly western & itallian food. I’ve tried few other dishes as well and they’re okay but the best of all it’s the lamb chop. So whenever I’m craving for one, this is the place I’ll go.

You know there’s this one time I had my dinner there with Nin and I said;

Me: Kau tau aku tak puas hati gila kalau ada sapa² cakap Station 21 tak sedap.

Nin: *eating lamb in all Bavarian mode* I’ll get very judgemental to that person if he/she don’t like Station 21.

Me: …..

Boleh?! macam tu sekali obses dengan station 21. Heheheh.

p/s – Picture googled. Click at the picture for the source.


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