Day 9 – A photo of the item I last purchased

I had a hard time re-calling for this. 😦

That proved how I’ve been so good not spending money buying unnecesary things. Ceewahh. Ye lah tu. Lepas tu 3 hb dah broke. Mungkin dalam bank ada toyol kot. Hmmmppphhhhh.

After spending 20 minutes thinking and checking and thinking, I think this is the last item I last purchased. I bought this in a rush during lunch because I need to go to site and I forget to bring socks for my safety boot so I have to buy some. Forget to bring socks. Classic Pel. Heh.

Comeel taak?? Hihihi


Tiga 8 hengget beli dekat one of the booths dekat Tesco nun. Murah kaaannn!?


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