Day 8 – My Dream Wedding

Heeheheheheeheh. My dream topic. for the 30 days challenge.

I loovve wedding. Well, who don’t, right? I mean, which girl don’t love wedding? Our house filled with 6 girls and stacksssss of wedding magazines DESPITE nobody getting married anytime soon. I think ayah also secretly love wedding because he just can’t stop looking for best caterer DESPITE nobody getting married anytime soon. Along just can’t stop herself going to wedding excibition and collecting contacts for bridal make-up lah, pelamin makers lah, florist lah. In fact she also CAN’T STOP buying dulang hantaran. So my baby twin sisters and I have plenty to choose from for our wedding yang tak tahu bila.

Okay I think ayah confirmed love wedding because I still remember how he actively participate in both of my sisters wedding’s preparation. Oh what a wonderful father I have!! Hehehe. I think it’s the bridal magazine influence lah.


Despite all the dream dress maker, dream make up artist, dream pelamin, dream decoration which I think all girls already have in mind since we’re in the womb, my ultimate dream for my wedding is…….

My wedding to be a FOOD FIESTA!!!

Yeah of course I want all those gorgeous dresses and all. Of course I want it. But I really really want a food heaven wedding. I want the guest to be spoilled with choices that they hold their plate for so long can’t deciding what to eat!! And I love that my guest minggle around eating 1 thing after another.

You see, usually in a wedding the bride and groom can’t really meet and greet most of the guest. Because when the guest arrive bride didn’t arive yet lah, bersanding too long lah, guest have to eat fast² because other people don’t have place lah.

Basically I don’t want that to happen. I want guest to be around for quite a long time so I can meet and greet and thank them personally for coming. Jadi apabila banyak makanan, mungkin orang akan melepak lebih lama. Hehehe.

Of course I’ll be having nasi minyak because trust me some people do drga their heavy ass on weekend get dolled up and go to a wedding JUST TO FULFIL THEIR NASI MINYAK CRAVE. *ehem*me*ehem.

So for a Malay wedding not to have Nasi Mintak is a total no-no. At least my wedding. Other than Nasi Minyaaaakkkkkkkkk, I also wannnttttt,

Ice Cream parlourrrrr!!!!

Candy Buffet, of course.

Untuk opah I, kuih buffet ye. Hehehe

Western Food Spread. *faint*

Italian Buffet. Yummm.

Spread of our super delish Mee. Mee Bandung, Mee Kari, Mee Udang. Semua lah!

Nasi Lemak with all the lauk that you can imagine include rendang ayam, ayam sambal, sambal paru, sambal kerang, bergedil dan lain2. Hehehe.

Dim Sum!!!!!!!! Yummmmmmmmm

 Ingat nak letak Nasi Padang tapi macam, sudah² lah tu wey. Ni nak kawin ke nak makan ni. Hehehehe. And looking at the amount food, mungkin perlu but wedding 3 hari 3 malam.


But seriously, Isn’t it like the guest will be sooooo happy with that amount of food spread?!? I will be SUPER happy if I attend a wedding like that. Heheeheh.

Apart from the food spread above, all I want for my wedding is the presence of my family members (the more the merrier, seriously, I love that) and close friends and Syomir’s dress, Flora etc.’s pelamin and Sue Cantik’s make up.

But for now, all I need for my wedding is a nice man that wouldn’t mind his future wife eat almost everything on this earth. Or some moolah. Tapi duit boleh carik, lelaki payah. So the man first.


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