Oh God These People, Seriously?

I’m still at the office trying to finish my works as much as possible so I cause less troubles to all the people in this world.


While I’m doing my works, I saw an email that my colleague send to our client. Then few minutes after that an email from my sub-contractor that is on MC today came in, answering all our queries. Few second later come another email from another sub-contractor submitting his quotation.


Than it hit me hard, all the people around me, tak tahu rehat ke? Seriously? Emails flying around at 11pm?!?


But really, I’m grateful. I’m grateful I’m in this situation. I’m grateful I’m surrounded by the people that is so hardworking. Err I’m not sure if it’s the right feeling but I need this environment. Because God knows how important environment to me. When everybody is running and it’s so chaos in here, it actually drive me and I actually become more productive. Heehehe.




I’m glad that here, I’m surrounded with people that is so passionate, so sincere getting their work done and know their responsibilities. Oh God do I sound not normal? It just that, what I actually in my mind is, come on, I spend 8 hours (at least) in here, so I better be happy, no?


Put aside my future, career mission and ehem, pay, this is an OK place to be in.


For that, I thank Allah. Because He know what I need so He give it to me.


p/s – Oh God, I’m sorry if this post sound sooo poyo!


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