How do you know?

…seriously, how do you know it’s love?


I’m talking about the love between two person here. The love to your partner. And I’m not asking how do I know it’s love from the other party. I’m asking how do I know that what I have is true love.


Yeah I’m that pathetic and I seriously not happy posting this up. I’m so pathetic that I have to post this up to know the answers. Somebody might read this with a disgust face saying ‘OMG so sad this perempuan’. Yeah yeah I allow you, for this time. Because I feel sad for myself.


How do we know it’s true love, or it’s merely a care feeling?


How do we know it’s true love, or we feel it just because we’re lonely and we need someone?


How do we know it’s true love, not true lust? (Oh God, God forbid!)


How do we know it’s true love or it’s just merely sympathy because the other person love us so much that we feel sorry for her/him?




Like seriously, how??


Because let me spill one secret here, I don’t know what I feel now. And for that, I’m running away from that commitment. I’m just scared. Yeah I sound mean. I actually so scared that I ran away. I just don’t know. What if I thought it’s love but one day I actually find out it is not. And what should I do that time when everything is attached and things are way too complicated?


Oh God. At the age of 24, I’m having this crisis. I’m so pathetic. Please still be my friend even after you read this because seriously, this thing do bother me now. Well yeah apart from other things lah kan. Hehehe. 😛


If 1 years ago, I’m so amazed everytime I see people driving (yeah because I can’t bloody drive 1 years ago. Not that I don’t know, but I can’t. I’m scared to death), now, I’m so amazed seeing people take a brave step, and get married. Yeah now I even think marriage is a brave step. Well, yeah, it is! Right? Do you guys think so? Or it just me?


*heavy sigh*


I have a lot to tell you guys but before everybody running away and stop befriend me, I better stop now…


And I hope I can figure this out as time pass by and when the time come, like how I over come the fear of driving because I have no other choice but to drive on my own…. Oh God.


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