• God has saved me from bankruptcy. I’m one step behind from taking one final measure (that I hate the most) to save me from it. I even shamelessly ask the money from who ever I think I can get it from.  Oh, thank God.
  • After years, I finally got the chance to balik KB. Like, finally! Oh God how I missed that place. Despite I missed the chance to re-stock my wardrobe with super cheap pasar malam cloth (refer #1 why), I am still beyond happy. In fact when we made our move after spending two nights there, I don’t feel really happy and how I wish I could stay longer..
  • Sexy smart young man talking in the middle-aged group of people is another definition of sexy!! You don’t need super macho face and muscles to be sexy. Only that confidence enough. Hehehehe. Nice. See, who said I don’t dig sexy guys? I do, okay! It just that they are so so so hard to find.
  • I seriously hate the situation where you need to be bitchy to stop people from taking advantage of you.. Why the need? Why we can’t be nice to everybody and nobody taking advantage to anybody? It’s not nice to be bitchy. You’ll end up with this one stupid guilt feeling…but when there are people who just can’t understand, I guess it left me with no choice baby…
  • Everybody have different priority and choices in life, no? Yeah.. it’s like what they say.. One man’s junks is another man’s treasure.. So yeah.. I think they should create another say..One man’s treasure IS ALSO another man’s dream treasure.. So please take a good care of what you have now because God knows who is waiting to have it..

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