I Want to Eat Ice Cream

This is a story of a kid that wants to eat an ice cream because she knows that kids should eat ice cream and ice cream can makes her one happy kid…


Kid: Dad, I want to eat ice cream!


Dad: Why do you want to eat ice cream? Can’t you just live here without eating ice cream and enjoy the plain water that I give you instead?


Kid: Because kids should eat ice-cream. I don’t like it here I can’t eat ice cream. I’m not happy! All the kids out there are eating ice cream. All kids have tasted ice cream at least once in their live but I don’t get that chance.


Dad: So you go and eat ice-cream here..


Kid: But you never give me ice creams to eat.


Dad: Because I don’t know kids should eat ice creams. You as a kid should tell me what you should do and eat.


Kid: I’m tired of it.. I just want to go out and eat the ice cream…


Dad: You want to eat ice cream, I’ll give you.. You don’t have to go out.. you can eat it here..You can make it..I give you all the things for you to make ice creams. I’ll buy all the ingredient for you to make one. I’ll ask the cook to give you some space in the kitchen so you can make your own ice cream.


Kid: How to? I never actually look how ice cream actually looks like. I just knew when mommy show me an ice cream picture in my coloring book. I don’t even know how to hold it right, which part to eat first, how fast I should eat it and all if you don’t let me go out and buy it.  What if I spend so much time in the kitchen and at the end of the day my ice cream taste funny and it is actually not like the actual ice cream that all the kids out there enjoying??

I don’t ask for your money. I already have the money, I know where the shop is. All I need is for you to just let me go out, buy an ice cream and eat it.


Dad: So you find a way how to make it. I’ll give you everything for you to learn how to make an ice cream and then eat it.. I may not know what ice cream is, so you tell me what ice cream is.. how to make an ice cream.. so one day, you can enjoy your ice cream here.. you don’t have to go out… So now, I give you chance, I give you time for you to tell me what ice cream is, how to make ice cream, what do you need to make ice cream and I’ll allow you to make it by your self. So by the end of the day, you can eat ice cream that you wanted.


Oh GOD. This is one tough dad!!


And also, it sounds fun and easy on ice creams.


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