I did this tag like four years ago.. and I’m going to do it again and four years later when I visit this entry I might be doing the same tag again.. hehehe.

So…let’s reminiscing!

10 years ago, I


  • ..was 14! Having the time of my life and finally wake up and realize school is important.
  • ..transfer to another school and make friends with amazing people and play silly games in class!
  • ..start going out with friends (i.e. Mia, ahaha) to KL!! Kira terror lah tu kan. Pergi KLCC naik bas okay! Gigih! Bawak RM20 je. Cukup lah kan, RM10 tambang, RM10 makan dekat foodcourt. Hehehe.


5 years ago,I..

  • ..was 19. Ouh, 19 sound young.. Had blast in UiTM with the girls. The girls that made me felt so special when I’m with them!
  • ..learn to swim and to play gamelan!! Yeahh those two things are the dreams that I set once I step in uni. Heheh bolehh? Set dream macam tu?
  • madly in love..


2 years ago,I..


  • ..was 22. The first 6 months of the year was spent in front of the computer playing games while watching How I Met your Mother and doing my dissertation in between.
  • ..graduated from UiTM!! It was a love-hate relationship because graduating is amazing but leaving Shah Alam and it’s super laid back life was not so amazing. I can hear adulthood calling..
  • ..started working!! Attend my very first job interview and got impressed with the interviewer and thank God I nailed it. Hehehe.


1 year ago,I..


  • ..was 23 and realize that commitment scare a hell out of me.
  • ..went to Sabah and fall in love with it!!
  • ..bought a TV! Hehe. Yeah yeah it’s just a TV but for someone who can’t even save RM50 a month, that’s quite an achievement.. 😛



  • ..was 24 (duhhh!! haha yeah yeah I know not funny) and start my day with ‘daaamnnnnnn! damn damn damn damn I’m lateeee’ while running to the bathroom.
  • ..ate chicken prosperity burger..
  • ..sleep early!!! (OMG I’m so lame now is it?!?)




  • still 24 and not waking up jumping from bed and running to the bathroom.
  • ..found 2 new places to swim and going to check it out soon!
  • ..had indian cuisine for dinner and it was okay.. Not as good as Bombay Palace..


Three snacks I enjoy,


  • Cookies
  • Vanilla cakes with buttercream. Yummm.
  • Maruku super pedas and all other unhealthy food on earth.


Three things I can’t live without:


  • After several breakdown, I learn that I can’t live without my PC. PC here means sane PC that can operate at least Outlook, AutoCAD and excel. I need that to keep me sane.
  • My handphone.
  • Errr car?


Three things I want to buy with RM1k,

  • Flight ticket to HK.
  • Vacation package to any nice island.
  • Bags, shoes and clothes for my holiday. Hehe


Three shows I like,

  • How I Met Your Mother
  • Friends
  • America Next Top Model


Three places I’ve lived,


  • Kajang
  • Shah Alam
  • Tangkak


Ok, done!


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