Tak suka lahh

I found out something this morning and I was so shocked.


I was so shocked hearing it and seriously, I didn’t see that coming. When I dialed the number, I had 1001 possibilities roaming inside my head and was prepared with 1001 answers. But when she mentioned it, I was so shocked and it’s like, of all things, how can it be that?


The conversation lasted for few minutes and left me stunned, shocked and there’s  this weird feeling creep into my heart even before I can digest the news..


I try to comfort my self.. I try to tell my self that things happen.. And Allah knows best.. But until now, attention,mind and heart are totally deviated and all I want is for you to heal.


I think I know this feeling. It feels like a crap leaving you facing it all alone. Heck, I don’t even how is it on your side, but I don’t feel right.


All my prayers are for you. Let us just pray, for you.


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