Thank You, You, You and yes, You!


How was your new year people?

I welcome my New Year together with Mia in front of my house last night while busy catching up with each other stories. Then wake up early this morning to fetch Ayah from IJN. Yeah Ayah discharged todayy!!!


He’s happy to be home and obviously us too.

And I also re-arrange sitting position at office and yeah got the chance to test-run the position today, the new year day it self. Hehe. It was good. I kinda love it. I’m so suck at controlling my self that I have to position the monitor to a dangerous position so I will moreee well behave at work. If you know what I mean. See boss, I’m trying hard here to make the payslip that I receive every month is all worth it!

But oh, actually today I just want to say thanks, thank you, m goi, toce to all the people that make me who I am today.

Somebody made a remarks the other day saying that I changed a bit compared to few years back. He said I;m garang and firm a bit now.

Well mister you know what, THANKS TO YOU!

Yeah I want to thanks to the guys that teach me, love is not a fairy tale, to the woman that she think she can ruin the happiness that I have, to the people that never tired of digging my mistake and show it to the world, to those who feel content and happy each time I say ‘yeah, it’s my mistake, sorry. My bad’, to those who complains everyday then make me realize how we should be grateful.. yeah… to those people.

Thank You, from the bottom of my heart… Because of you, I am what I am today… Stronger than before..


And you guys has thought me, who should I respect and who should I trust.

I know I have to face moree and moore things for this year, but Mom has thought me well, just look at the bright side of it..

and yeah.. tima kasih Mak…


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