I was listening to the radio while driving this morning. The topic discussed was about berdamai.

Then there was one caller, told her story. Her story about how she make a decision to make peace with her husband. So I thought this is another husband-wife bergaduh thingy. But oh boy I was so wrong when I heard she said, she’s tired of arguing and want to make peace by letting her husband marry his girlfriend.

She was crying and the DJs were amazed but what caught my attention is when she said

‘when things happen once, it’s fine. Twice, I can still trust him. But if he keeps violate the trust that I gave over and over again, maybe I should just give what they want. I don’t feel sad anymore. I’ve been hurt too many times I don’t feel anything anymore. With they getting married, at least I know what they’re doing behind me.’

Yeah. If you’ve been hurt too many times your heart can become numb. Numb. You don’t feel anything anymore and you might wonder yourself, where all the love that I used to have.

But the truth is, your heart has become numb and you can’t feel anything anymore.


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