Funny Lah

Since I wrote about ignoring so-called friend in my previous entry, I think today I want to write about another story that have similar profile.


Of ignoring a so-called friend. Well he’s not really a friend. He’s more like acquittance to me and a friend to my ex-boyfriend.


I remember that time, I was chatting with him and telling him about my recent break-up with my ex (which is his friend). He was checking how I was doing and all. And he asked,


Him : Are you ok? Dah jumpa pengganti?


Ok, when you’re in a mess and telling someone about how sad you are loosing your loved one, the only interpretation that you can make when he said pengganti is a new boyfriend, no? Well at least that is how it sound, to me. So I told him,


Me : Pengganti?? It has only been few days!!


Then all of sudden he replied,


Him : Pengganti tak semestinya kena lelaki lain. It could be Al-Quran ke, Sejadah ke.


The moment I read that, I seriously feel like, apahaaall mamat ni kan??????


Ok, you see. Not that I’m denying what he’s saying. I know what is he trying to say and convey. But:


  1. Sapalah kau nak sound² macam tu? And do you have any idea actually what is on my mind?
  2. Kena bagitau semua orang ke whenever I turn to Him to mengadu and all?
  3. And since when He have to be pengganti? Why I have to ganti The Almighty only when I feel sad walhal, oh please. We all know how it should be.


What pissed me off is, why on earth he want to judge me like that?? And what makes me feel like giving him one sarcasm smirk if he happen to be in front of me also because I know your history, man. Please la. Perlu ke aku cerita sambil meriak²? Tak paham aku.


Ni lagi satu lelaki yang aku menyampah. Alim² kucing as you said it. Wahhh bila time nasihaaattt, boleh tulis 1 buku. Tapi when it comes to the truth or to actually practice, naan adooo. This is based on living proof ok. Ok, aku tak kesah lah kau macam mana pun kan. But can you talk and at the same time portray your true self. We are not perfect ok. Just be your self. Tak payah lah nak cakap berapi² macam nak produce kitab where both of us know the truth.


I’m not 10 year old girl kau nak goreng² sebegitu.


4 thoughts on “Funny Lah

    • Exactly baby! Bagi aku orang kalau baik, tak perlu announce 1 dunia nak pergi surau ke apa. It’s between you and Allah so why all the fuss?

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