You know..

  • Some people they think they’re too nice and too good that they forget that there are other people hearts that need to be taken care of.
  • Sometime you just have to let down your ego and come back to where you should come back. And you should able to differentiate the person that will stand by you no matter how hard you fall, or screw up.
  • Sometime you just need to be super selfish and smack all those stupid person right on their face.
  • I think now I know how I acted when I have to be bitchy. I walk away. Walk away and erase the particular person from my braincell and my life. No wonder I have so little friends. But that small amount is the one that can really make me happy and I just can’t afford to talk anything bad about them. Now I know why when a friend told me about a girl that is trying to messed up with her, I cannot remember when is the last time I have to deal with this kind of problem. It’s because I always walk away from that kind of stuff. I’m a lazy person. I just couldn’t care less about all those nonsense.
  • It is just funny to see how some people can’t act like his age. Like seriously? I’m glad I made the decision. Well yeah, call me the bad one. I’m fine with it.

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