How to not get emotionally affected to your work when you already give your heart, soul, time, money, tears and sweats to it?

They said you need to be professional but come on we’re human being. After so much time you spend, after so many heart you broke then people still pass by like they don’t see you. I read a quote once about how they say don’t expect they realize your long hours working, just do your best. but what if the task needs the long hours? and all they expect is perfection..

haih i have my points but i really dont know how to get there. but one thing for sure it sucks to be invisible. its not that i want praises or whatsoever but at least give me chance to try la. Ni treat like you don’t see me at all. Like I’m not capable at all to do it.

and oh, it sucks big time also hearing complaints for someone who is already bloody lucky. Like hello? Please don’t mess with the bitch inside me okay?

Shittt I hate lah this feeling!!


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