Currently I am in the midst of transition process. Adapting process. From the life that I can decide what I want to do, to the life where your decision is not so important anymore.. You still made the decision, but after considering 10,000 things and finally, you only get like 20% of what you want.

I think in the next 5 years I will look back and read all the 2010 entry and say, ‘what is wrong with this girl talks about work all the time like she’s the only one who works here’. Hehee. Well that is the whole purpose of this blog actually. To reminisce my past moment because God knows how forgetful I am.

But at some point somehow, it is a good thing. Because when somebody come and annoys me, I will get annoys and mad but couple of hours after that I sort of forget why he/she annoys me at the first place.. So lets keep this blog alive even tho it is all crap. Hopefully my son won’t find this hehehehe.

Hmmm what else to ponder. Oh. I’m afraid of commitment. I think I am just not matured enough to hold so many responsibilities. Working, being a daughter, friend and lover is a lot for me. A lot to think of. And I admit I’m not doing good in friend department also. I owe Mia, Nin and the girls a loadd of dates already.

Just…. give me some time, ok? Give me sometime to adjust my self.. to suit my self in this whole complicated life first… Let me sort things out… Let me find a way of how to juggle well.. Then maybe we can add more departments in my life. Hehee.


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