Mari Shopping!

Things to buy for my new workplace.

(well yeah I’m that jakun. Kasi can laa. hehe)

  1. Ribbon for my potted plant. Hot pink color. hee.
  2. Fancy magnets. And print out some (family, friends, love) pictures so I can look at them when somebody come and pissed me of.
  3. Thumb tacks.

Ok why all of sudden my list become only 3 items. It used to be so long. never mind. I’ll buy this one first. So baby, when can we make a visit to Ikea?


  1. Fancy access card holder. Saw Coach access card holder for RM160.00 on the net. is it worth it? Ke macam nak kena penampar pergi splurge RM160.00 for a access card holder? Heeee. Luckily the one that I saw is Monogram punya pattern and I don’t likeee.

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