So It’s New

So we moved to a new place.. Bigger and ermm better I guess. At least in terms of all the new stuff here. Everything smell new..

I got bigger workstation but like they say, our department is the smallest, the stuffiest and the most not-so-nice one. But the moment I stepped in, the only thought that came through my mind is ‘ouh, so it’s smaller than the layout I see on PC’. That’s all. No workstation color not match with carpet color, no ceiling to low. No nothing.

And today, after arranging all our catalogs and samples according to their category, I feel so happy! Finally we have our own mini library and it is well organized. At least our catalogs and samples are not mixed up anymore! yay!

And just now my boss handed me small potted plan cute sangat. I’m gonna tie up some ribbon to the pot hehe nanti lagi comel.

Well it’s not that hard to please me. Ok you choose to give us small space it’s ok. I can deal with it. Because rude bitch is wayyy worse than cramp workspace.I just don’t get it why people bother so much about our cramp place and give remarks like ‘this place is so ugly’

so it’s ugly so what? are you the one who gonna use it?

ahhh one more new place fun fact — It takes only 25 minutes to reach here! Wooot! Ok previous place took me 40 minutes ok. Now you know why the excitement.


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