Bad Girl

I am typing halfway to an entry that leads to my complain of how other people are getting their commission except me and about to write how I envy for them to have the chance to have 5 figures saving in 2 years of working blaa bla blaaa when suddenly I realized, Gosh I should really be grateful.

I mean, it got me thinking, whyyyyy on earth la you complain so much? Instead of looking of what other people have, I should really stop for a while, and look at my self. What have changed.

A year ago, I am a girl who *ehem* :

  • Can’t bloody drive!
  • Tidak menshopping sesuka hati.
  • Nak makan secret recipe pun kena tunggu macam awal sem ke apa.
  • Tony Roma’s lagi la. Kena 2nd day dapat PTPTN baru boleh makan.
  • Know nothing about err partition and carpet? Ehe ok I don’t even know how to use the photostat machine.

But after a year :

  • Alhamdulillah now I can drive. *ehem manual lagi tau ehem* :p Subhan-Allah thanks to darling ayah and Iwan for having the patient and faith teaching me how to drive and let me sit behind the steering!!
  • Masih tidak menshopping sesuka hati (sebab takde duit) hehe tapiii Alhamdulillah, nak beli tudung sehelai dua tu adalah duit. Setakat tersasar terbeli kasut tu berlaku la jugak beberapa kali kannn.
  • Alhamdulillah, merasa la makan Secret Recipe bila teringin.
  • Alhamdulillah, at least once a month nak splurge Tony Roma’s tu merasa la.
  • Alhamdulillah, err at least now I know lah about carpet and partition and terror guna photostat machine ok!! Hahahaha.

I don’t know lah I am making a sense here or not but the objective is now to share with you and remind my self of how things have changed… and how I should be grateful and stop complaining and envy other people.

It is though journey here but all I have to do is to hang on. hang on hang on hang on! Orang lain lagi susah.

Fuh. Jadi bersabarlah dan redha dengan rezeki yang Allah bagi..

Dannnnnn please lah Pelah stop lah doing silly mistakes at work lagi!!


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