New baby

I bought a shoes. hehehehe.

The moment I saw the round-toe, the heels and the tiny gold plate at the back, I fell in love instantly!! Hee. It’s not easy for me to like closed-toe black shoes ok.

Don’t you think it’s sexy? it’s even more sexy once you wear it seriously. Ok lah kaki lebar aku ni tak sexy sangat la tapi please bayangkan kaki ermm Heidi Klum. Ehe.

Comfortable or not? Heee ok this is one impulse buy. It is actually last pair, and one of them dah kembang sikit. Jadi bila pakai satu kaki akan melecet sikit but what the heck. Looking at the picture alone already makes me happy. Yeah looks can be deceiving sometimes. Tapi come on people always been fooled by look. Thats is how Apple can sell their product.

hehe tiba² nak buat defensive statement pulaaak. Eh tapi I wore it to work ok. Heee ok laaa. I think I can wear it to mall but a total no-no to jalan² cari kain dekat Jalan TAR laaaa.

Hmm another attempt of looking for a practical shoes-TOTAL FAILURE.

Another attempt to draw a smile on the way to work – TOTAL SUCCESS!



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