How to maximize your productivity and stay focus for bloody 8 hours without getting distracted with your fatigueness. especially when it is already towards the end of the week.

I need to do that. I need to maximise my productivity and fit in as much things I’m able to do within that 8 hours. So that I don’t have to work extra hours. It’s not the OT that I care.. It’s the time with my family. I don’t want to live under one roof with my mom but end up only talking to her like 3 minutes a week. And seeing my baby sisters only during the weekend. I don’t want. I missed one hell big news already and I don’t want to miss another.

I love working but I don’t want end up I know more about what going on with my projects than my family. I don’t wantt. It’s too scary. Nevertheless I still need to maintain my work quality and productivity (yeahhh right! hahahahaah) because it’s my early years of working and it’s time for me to built it up..

And I actually need to learn that because I don’t want to stay single foreverrrr. later when I have somebody waiting for dinner at home and I still busy calculating door segala, howww??

Haih I know emak and ayah don’t like this. I think they think I’m one spoilt selfish brat. 😦

So sad lah like this!

Ok so the solution that I have to do is maximize my productivity to at least keep both things at a same level.. Because both are equally important to me…


One thought on “How?

  1. you know. i’m already in that situation. if it’s not gym night, i would still come home late or trap myself in the room. it sux alright. sometimes i miss talking with my mom eventhough she’s just downstairs. tapi sangat lah malas nak turun~~

    i do miss out a lot though. k ena pun tau cerita pasal mama lebih dari aku tau.

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