I’m sitting for PTD exam tomorrow and owh man I didn’t read anything. I just flipped thru the offer letter just now and realized that I need to bring a copy of my degree and transkrip. I’m not sure whether I have it or nottt. Then I also need to borrow stuff from adik/kakak because i didn’t bring home any of my stationaries.

and since it’s already 12 am and I didn’t study anything, I start googling some info and oh man! the question is tough!

Haih 1000000000000000000000000000000 of people are sitting it and they only need like what, 8? hehe. Well just do what I can do though.

Might need to do a quick visit to 7e tomorrow to make a copy of the stuff that they need and grab a couple of 2B pencils.

Wish me and Sujit and anybody that’s taking the exam Good Luck!

Muahhhhhhh. (tetiba je)


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